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Color Box, 2016

WhiteBox Gallery, NYC

Curated by Juan Puntes and Lara Pan
As part of Armory Arts Week

The show ColorBox presents works emerged from Jean Pierre Muller’s innovative 7×7 project. 
7×7 is an inter-disciplinary collaboration between Belgian artist Müller and seven musical luminaries from a variety of contemporary genres; Nile Rodgers, Robert Wyatt, Mulatu Astatke, Archie Shepp, Sean O’Hagan, Kassin and Terry Riley. 
7×7 is based on the simple principle that the seven colors of the rainbow correspond to the seven notes of the scale, the seven days of the week (and deities and planets associated with those days) and the seven chakras. 
Seven sound altarpieces have been created, in an edition of seven, each housing an original music by one of the seven composers. A is Red is Monday, Day of the Moon and of Diana (Robert Wyatt), B is Orange is Tuesday, Day of Mars (Archie Shepp), and so on.