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Zedes Art Gallery, Brussels, BE

To be in awe, overwhelmed.

To experience without the possibility of words.

To have no desire to speak, or for that matter, no need.

To fail with words.

To succeed without words.

To have nothing left to say and yet to keep fluctuating with internal frequencies of energy that say everything, and even more than anything you could say yourself — is to live, to draw, to paint. Each permutation of each moment of the mind too strong to carry alone asks for a surface to support it. This is the moment, I would say, that Jean Pierre Müller finds himself in, with these works, struck speechless as he draws or paints. His hand moving as if involuntarily or maybe even possessed beyond his own recognition. A power that leaves speech behind out of its own necessity of expression.


Dome Wood






Published on the occasion of the exhibition

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